Complete Information V2 Smoke4free Program

Till now referral and rewards program was limited to highly competitive industry segments such as insurance but with the growing competition in the field of electronic cigarettes there are few companies that have launched these kinds of programs.

One of the recent examples is the V2 Smoke4free program which is an excellent way of getting rewarded if you refer V2 Cigs to your friends and family.

Benefits of V2 Smoke4free Program

  • It is a very good way of increasing sales.
  • It makes customers happy especially the loyal customers.
  • Referral program is based on income from within the theory.
  •  Moreover, another benefit of this referral program is that the company does not have to spend money on advertising as new customers are brought on board with the help of existing customers.

Details of V2 Smoke4free Program:

  • Under this referral program, customers are being given with 10 referral coupons in each electronic cigarette starter kit. When you manage to get a person on board that person is being given a 15% discount on all products and you will get a $15 credit to your account, which is a very good option.
  • Recent surveys have indicated that there are many people who gets attracted by such referral schemes and people gets attracted to such brands that offers such discounts and referral schemes.
  • V2 Smoke4free program is considered as a very good technique of luring customers, it even helps customers by reducing their monthly cost of electronic cigarette smoking, and in fact, there are some cases in which it has been found out that such kind of referral program eliminated the monthly cost of electronic cigarette smoking.
  • The referral program works on a simple logic that states that if you refer a friend, family member or any person with V2 Cigs then the company will pay you $15 per referral. This is enough to buy a pack of 5 electronic cigarette cartridges.
  • The best thing about this referral program is that it even offers discounts to a person who has been referred. This discount is applicable on the purchase of the first starter kit.
  • As per the latest reviews and studies V2 Cigs brand is considered as one of the most trusted and best performing brand as the battery backup, vapor volume and cartridges are excellent.
  • All of the products and accessories offered by the V2 Cigs Company are best in quality.
  • As electronic cigarettes are cheaper than normal tobacco cigarettes more and more people are getting attached to such referral schemes.
  • All of the V2 Cigs products and accessories are easily available over the internet and the best part about ordering them over the internet is that the product gets rightly delivered at the doorstep and that too without any shipping charges.

The final conclusion is that V2 Smoke4free program is a very good choice and moreover you get a chance to be associated with an e cig company that offers great service and quality.

How V2 Cigs Have Changed the Smoking Scene

The ordering process for V2cigshas now becomes easier. In an attempt to set the bar even higher, the disposable electronic cigarette company has updated its product line of disposable cigarettes and has revamped its website. It is now possible to customize one’s own purchase and order through the company website, www.v2cigscom.

Who Manufactures V2 Cigs?

The V2 cigs Company is now leading the way in the disposable electronic cigarette industry. All the products offered by V2 Cigs are cost effective and they outperform the other electronic disposable cigarette competitors. The introduction of a smokeless disposable cigarette that gives customers the feeling of smoking tobacco has worked to satisfy its customers.

How Different Is V2 Cig From Other Electronic Cigarettes?

V2 cigs are not like other disposable e-cigs that are found at local convenience stores. Customers can now make a switch to e-cigs without worrying that their craving will not be satisfied. While other e-cigs market themselves as top of the line, the two-piece V2 cigs starter kit really is. The company offers accessories, refills and replacement parts. V2 Cigs offers more than just the most effective products and warranties; it also offers a product that is easy to use.

Does V2 Cig Offer Good Customer Service?

The customer service at V2-cigs is impressive.V2 cigs has top of the line customer service unlike other e-cig companies who do not offer suitable service to their customers. V2-cigs understands that customers need help at all stages of their buying and usage process. Therefore, representatives of V2 Cigs disposable cigs are reachable through all major forms of communication such as Internet chat, e-mail and even through phones. In addition, each of them is tested for an hour before being hired as a reliable representative of V2 Cigs.

What Guarantee Do Customers Have?

Not only does V2 Cigs rise above the competition because of the previously listed factors, but it is also better because of its money back guarantee and warranty.  V2 Cigs Company offers a lifetime warranty. So if the battery fails, the company replaces it with a new one, free of charge. Also, any customer who is dissatisfied with a product is allowed to send it back within 30 days.

V2 cigs is a respected company with a good track record, and that is all the more reason why more people should make V2 cigs their choice for 2013. It is advisable not to waste money on e-cigs that do not work but rather invest in the right e-cig.V2 cigs is the highest selling e-cig brand in the United States, with a customer base of 1,000,000. This is a very big achievement.